Welcome to Digital Pixels

Digital Pixels is a Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore, set up with the intent to grow businesses by leaps and bounds, by leveraging the technology behind Online Marketing. With the increasing usage of smart phones, people are spending more time online and using online media to search, analyse and buy services or products. With "Digital India" thrust, onine transactions are increasing at a faster rate. Customers are online, so businesses too have to be online, to serve them. We provide the right platform to reach your target customers and improve your business. Contact us to find out how we can improve your business.

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get more organic traffic to your website and get more conversions, and Get your website on top of Google organic search results. SEO Services include On page Optimization, Off page Optimization, Google Analytics and Webmaster account set up and linking, Online Reputation Management, Web Assets Optimization.On Page optimisation means Areas we address like Meta tags,Alt tags,Heading tags, URL and Error handling, Canonicalisation, Keyword Research, URL naming, Broken Links, Anchor text, SiteMap, Robots file and Content Optimisation.Off page optimisation means Link building Like Social Networking, Content creation, Article submission, Bookmarking etc… See More

Web Design and Development

We do Responsive Website Design, wherein, your website will work on all devices including Mobile, Desktop, tablets etc…We do all kinds of Website Design and Development, professionally, including Static websites, Dynamic Websites, E-commerce Websites etc…We do website design, keeping in view your future needs for online marketing.Websites developed will be SEO optimised, Linked with Google Analytics and Google Search console , through which you can track your website visitors, their behavior and improve on it and Future ready for online marketing. See More

Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

Build your presence on Social Media and Promote your brand, Engage with your customers, Get more Leads and Conversions.Promote your business through Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest etc…Build your presence on Social Media and Promote your brand, Engage with your customers, Get more Leads and Conversions.Be available where your customers are spending more time daily and engage with them. See More

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Get your website on top of Search results in Google,Bing,Yahoo etc… through paid advertisements. Show your Ads to your potential customers, who are searching for your products or services, Get more Return on Investment (ROI). No Need to pay to just show your Ads to your customers on google search. Pay Per Click (PPC)– Pay only when someone interested in your product or service, clicks on your Ad. Compete on par with your big competitors. Spend less when compared to other forms of advertising and get more ROI. Optimize your campaign over a period of time and increase your ROI with less PPC rates.Start your Ads with any Budget.See More

Email Marketing 

Promote your Business through Email Marketing - Convey your message to your target Audience, Guaranteed Inbox delivery, by following email authentication rules, Get better than industry bench marked E-mail delivery rates, open rates and click through rates, Get Complete reports, Emails sent through reputed IPs / Servers, Email Marketing as per Email Marketing Rules (CAN SPAM Act), 100% Verified and updated email database as per your Target Audience. See More

Google Analytics

Web Analytics is the process of analyzing behaviour of your website visitors and serve them better. Numbers have a story to tell… There are usually several insights hidden in data. Data Analysis sometimes results in counter-intuitive insights which can save millions of dollars for companies. Google Analytics is the most used web analytics tool which helps us to explore the data, disect and anlayse the data, discover strange patterns that tell us insightful stories, uncover common patterns of problems, and convert that into actionable forms. See More